The Australian government estimates that approximately 10-15% of the population experiences acute neck pain at any given time.

This amounts to millions of Australians experiencing neck pain on a daily basis. This substantial figure is without taking chronic conditions into consideration.

One of the common injuries we see in our Brisbane acupuncture clinic is wry neck. For the majority of cases there is an element of physical injury that has occurred, or putting unnecessary stress or movement on the joints or muscles in the neck area. Generally the pain is sudden and is thought to be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Trauma due to physical activity
  • Sleeping in an unusual position
  • Exposure to cold breezes
  • Local infections

When diagnosing from a Chinese Medicine perspective we will also take into consideration clients’ lifestyles, work regimes etc. We often find a direct correlation between stress and neck/shoulder pain. A substantial contributor in the western world is prolonged computer use.

Whilst diagnosis and treatment varies from client to client we expect clients to start feeling considerable relief within 3-4 treatments. Whilst pain may disappear on it’s own within 24-48hrs, we find that most of the time pain begins to reoccur within a week or two without treatment.

What we can do for you? We can:

  • Minimise/free the neck of pain
  • Advise daily stretches to encourage gentle movement and enhance recovery
  • Advocate the daily use of heat packs
  • Trigger point massage around specific points around the neck
  • Gentle acupuncture to relieve pain and encourage the body to relax

As always – when seeking a suitable therapist please ensure they are appropriately licensed to perform acupuncture. Without suitable training the neck/shoulder area in particular is susceptible to potential injuries resulting in hospitalisation.